My Mum’s 50th Birthday Cake

My Mum celebrated her 50th Birthday in August 2012 and I wanted to have a go at making her a cake.  I wanted it to be a bit special, and seeing as we were having a party it needed to be quite a biggish cake.  My Mum isn’t really a cake eater, but who can have a big birthday without a cake?  Well, I know that my Mum likes chocolate cake so that is what I made.

I decided I wanted to make a stacked cake to give it a bit of height and make it look a bit special.  I made two regular, round, chocolate sponge cakes, one about 2 inches smaller than the other.  They were filled and covered in home made chocolate butter cream and then stacked on top of each other. I then used chocolate fingers all the way around the edges of each tier.  Then I added some purple organza, wired ribbon around each layer of the cake and made a loopy bow with what I had left, to go on the top.  I purchased a wired, purple and silver, glittery cake topper to finish it off.

Overall as a first attempt and something this special I was very pleased with it.  I really enjoyed making this cake and I think it made quite an impression!

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